A Twentynine Palms man claims to have seen Erin Corwin on the day of her disappearance. Corwin, a 20-year old pregnant Twentynine Palms woman, has been the object of an extensive search since she was reported missing on June 29, one day after she left her home aboard the Marine Base. Z107.7 spoke with Michael Beasley who told us he saw Corwin get into a new-looking and shiny red car. CBS News 8 in San Diego, who we are quoting with permission, reported that Beasley said he saw the young wife rendezvous with a man at the location, near the intersection of Valle Vista and Ranch Roads, around 10 a.m. on Saturday, June 28.

Beasley told Z107.7 News he saw Corwin got out of her blue Toyota, lock her vehicle and get inside the man’s “brand new red vehicle”, a compact sedan, the two then drove away. Jessica Beasley, Michael’s sister, also remembers seeing the blue car before authorities found it. However, she remembers the vehicle being closer to the road than the location it was ultimately found by investigators. The siblings gave their statements to sheriff investigators at the scene when the Toyota was found June 30.

According to records obtained by CBS News 8, Joshua Tree Court Judge Jon Ferguson signed four search warrants just after midnight July 1. While the probable cause affidavits associated with the warrants were sealed, attachments to the warrants were not. The attachments listed listed two vehicles and two on-base apartments in which investigators were authorized to look for personal artifacts, weapons, and electronic devices. There was no mention of a red car.

Here is a link to the CBS8 story:


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