As Theatre 29 begins its 15th year in operation, the volunteer Board of Directors has just completed its annual reorganization. Reporter Sara Snyder has this year’s Theatre 29 new officers…

The Board of Directors for the non-profit community theater organization, Theatre 29, held its yearly reorganization meeting December 10 and elected new officers and Board Members for 2014. Re-elected for two-year terms were Cindy Daigneault, Gary Daigneault, Marty Neider, Mandi Pushkar, and Frances Wright. Cindy Ross, who had served as the Board Secretary and a Board member in past years, was elected to fill a seat vacated by Tom Highfill. They will join incumbent board members Brian Tabeling, Kathryn Ferguson, Ken Palmer, Mary Phelps, and Robin Schmelling. In reorganizing for 2014, the board of directors voted unanimously to re-elect Brain Tabeling as the Board President for a fourth term, Gary Daigneault was named as vice-president, Robin Schmelling as Board Secretary, and Francis Wright as Treasurer. Beyond executive decisions, it takes a lot of detailed work to run the Theatre.

To that end, committee assignments were made:

Facilities Manager (Theatre 29 physical plant) – Ken Palmer
Technical Bridge Area – Ken Palmer
Outside, Shop and Storage Areas – Francis Wright
Stage Area Manager – Brian Tabeling
Box Office Operations / Mailing List Manager – Mandi Pushar
Publicity – Gary Daigneault
Sponsorship and Patrons – Cindy Daigneault
Security – Ken Palmer
Program Advertisement Sales – Cindy Daigneault
Snack Bar Manager – Brian Tabeling
Historian – Judy Andreshak
Props and Costumes Storage – Mary Phelps
Volunteer Coordinator – Marty Neider
Insurance Coordinator – Robin Schmelling

Named to 2014 Theatre 29 Board Committees were:

Play Selection Committee, Chair, Kathryn Ferguson – Gary Daigneault, Robin Schmelling, Marty Neider, and Frances Wright

Building Committee, Chair, Gary Daigneault – Brian Tabeling, and Ken Palmer.

Special Events Committee (Gala and Dinner) Chair, Kathy Ferguson – Cindy Daigneault and Robin Schmelling

Longtime volunteer and former board member Charles Harvey will continue to oversee all the graphics and printing for programs, posters, flyers and brochures through his Harvey Multi-Media Productions. Retired long-time former Board member Judy Andreshak will remain as the organizations Historian.


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