As we get ready for the 2014 Miss Yucca Valley Scholarship Pageant, hosted by the Yucca Valley Rotary Club, Z107-7 has been introducing you to the ten candidates. Today, Managing Editor Tami Roleff talks to Aimee Frank…

Today we visit with Aimee Frank, a junior at Yucca Valley and candidate for Miss Yucca Valley. Hi Aimee. Tell us, who is the prominent you interviewed, and what you have learned?


“Glenda Rarick is the name of the prominent woman I’ve had the pleasure to mentor with. During the course of our interview, I asked Glenda if she had any advice for someone making an effort to reach their dreams. She shared with me that you have to stay with it through the good and bad days. She told me that you must have perseverance and determination. By saying all this, Glenda helped me see that you also have to have a source of strength, which for Glenda and I, is our faith in the Lord.”

What have you learned from your experience with Miss Yucca Valley?

“I’ve learned quite a bit with my experience with Miss Yucca Valley. One thing we do is read and discuss “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens” by Shawn Covey. I’ve learned so much from this book because it talks about how to deal with specific situations in life. It has shown me that I need to look at myself and fix me before I try to fix anything else, like my relationships.”

Any final words?

“I’d just like to encourage any girls who want to participate in Miss Yucca Valley in the future to do it and to not be afraid because it’s an amazing experience and it’s well worth it.”

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