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In a remarkable grass-roots event Saturday, over 1,500 people attended “Abigail’s Day” Saturday at the Yucca Mesa Community Center. Organizers said the event, first planned as a family barbeque, grew beyond their wildest expectations into an phenomenal outpouring of community support for young Abigail Snipes, a 12-year-old cancer victim currently being treated for an aggressive cancer at Loma Linda University Medical Center. The event had a goal of $7,000 to pay the family’s rent for a year so they could focus on care for Abigail and her two sisters. Hearing of the event, local businesses, organizations, public agencies and many individuals brought attractions, food, and entertainment to bolster the event. The results were announced last night by organizer Rebecca Pahssen, who announced that over $17,000 was raised, with some checks still expected. Pahssen thanked all the volunteers and contributors.


An old phone scam that is making the rounds again. It’s called the “grandparents scam,” because the caller pretends to be the victim’s grandchild who needs money because of an arrest or car crash Managing editor Tami Roleff explains how you can avoid being a victim…
Grandparents in Yucca Valley received a call recently in which the caller said their grandson had been arrested in Mexico; he would be released if they wired about $2000 for legal fees. The caller pressured the victims to wire money immediately and not to tell his parents to know about the arrest. The victims contacted the Sheriff’s department after they received a second request for an additional $25,000. In order to avoid being taken by the scam, ask the caller information only you and your grandchild would know. Do not act without confirming the information. Call your grandchild or his or her parents first on their phone to confirm whether the story is true. Refuse to send money via a wire transfer; you can never get it back. If you do fall for the scam, report it to the Sheriff’s Department.


The American Civil Liberties Union has sued the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, asking a court to order the department to turn over documents showing steps it has taken to comply with county grand jury recommendations on the use of Tasers. The grand jury found that deaths related to the use of the stun guns “are not uncommon in San Bernardino County” and that the “vast majority” of deaths occurred when a person was shot more than once. The grand jury cited three cases in which men died after being shocked by deputies’ Tasers multiple times, including a Lake Arrowhead man who was shocked 16 times. Since the grand jury report, Victorville resident Dante Parker died last August after he was shot as many as 27 times with Tasers, according to his family. The County Coroner’s Office ruled that Parker died from an overdose of PCP and hypertensive cardiovascular disease. The ACLU filed a state Public Records Act request for documents that could be used to determine what changes the department had made in its policies and training programs on using Tasers, and whether those changes have been effective. The ACLU says the Sheriff’s department has refused to provide the documents.


Volunteers for the 2015-2016 San Bernardino County grand jury are now being requested. Reporter Dan Stork tells who can apply, what a grand juror does, and how to apply…
To be eligible for selection to the county grand jury, a person must be at least 18 years of age, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of California and the County of San Bernardino for at least one year prior to appointment. Potential Grand Jurors are also required to possess sufficient knowledge of the English language, be in possession of their natural faculties, of ordinary intelligence, of sound judgment and of good character, but not be an elected public official. Service as a grand juror involves an average of three to five full working days per week, starting July 1, for one year. Compensation is $25 per day plus meals and appropriate mileage. The regular grand jury meeting place is located in San Bernardino. The county grand jury investigates all aspects of county, city and special district government, and may hear information on certain criminal investigations. Interested citizens can complete the application on-line at the Grand Jury’s website at
Applications can also be obtained by phone, mail, or in person as described in this story at Applications will be accepted through April 30.
Phone: (909) 387-3820
In person: District court house in Joshua Tree or at the County Courthouse, 351 North Arrowhead Avenue, Room 200, San Bernardino
By mail: County Courthouse, 351 North Arrowhead Avenue, Room 200, San Bernardino, CA 92415-0243.


The Hi-Desert Water District began mailing ballots Friday to all property owners in Yucca Valley for the sewer project’s assessment district vote. Property owners will have until May 13 to vote on whether or not to support the formation of assessment districts in the town for the sewer project. Approval of assessment districts will secure a 1 percent interest rate loan from the state to finance the cost of the $145 million sewer project, and a portion of that cost will be placed on property tax bills. Voting “NO” on the ballot is NOT a vote against the sewer project; rather it is a rejection of the terms of the loan. If the assessment district doesn’t pass, the water district will be forced to find an alternative loan at a higher cost, which will in turn make the sewer assessment more expensive for property owners. The ballots will include voting instructions and information about the property’s proposed assessment, along with a public hearing notice. For more information about the ballot, assessment district, or sewer project, call 760-365-8333 extension 3.


In observance of Cesar Chavez Day, all Superior Court locations will be closed on Tuesday, March 31.


Theatre 29 announces the cast of the suspense thriller, “Wait Until Dark,” by Frederick Knott. Reporter Rebecca Havely has all the details…

In open auditions, director Ben Bees chose a cast for the next Theatre 29 offering, “Wait Until Dark,” a highly suspenseful thriller about a blind housewife alone in her apartment, fighting for her life against drug-smuggling criminals. The cast consists of some Theatre 29 veterans and a few newcomers as well. Andrew Whitaker will play Sergeant Carlino, an ex-con looking for fast cash. Cyrus Shorts plays a criminal leader as the smooth yet dangerous Harry Roat. Scott Clinkscales plays the ex-con Mike Talman. Lizzie Schmelling portrays the blind yet determined Susy Hendrix, and Adam Redmon plays her husband and savior plays Sam Hendrix. As Susy’s young resourceful neighbor, Amanda Mohn plays Gloria. Rounding out the cast as policeman are James Shutte and Nick Flatter.
“Wait Until Dark” begins a five-week consecutive run from April 10 through May 9 with Friday and Saturday evening performances and two Sunday matinees, April 19 and May 3. Tickets are available now at or call the box office for reservations at 760-361-4151.


After months of experimentation and preparation, experts in restoring historical landmarks were in Joshua Tree National Park last week, painting over the graffiti that has marred Barker Dam for the last four years. Archaeologists and anthropologists from New Mexico and Vermont were “in-painting” the graffiti; matching the color of the cement dam and filling in the scratches and etchings with silicate paint in an attempt to recreate the natural color and texture of the dam. The experts started the restoration in January, and were dismayed to see when they returned last week that new graffiti had materialized on the dam. Joshua Tree National Park staff plan to finish the work, and to touch up the paint as it fades over the years. A park employee said the Park Service intends to fence off the dam to try and prevent graffiti from re-appearing. If anyone sees someone vandalizing park property, they are urged to contact Park rangers with a description of the suspects and their vehicle, if possible.


Many high school seniors are considering military service as a career. ROP Broadcast Student Michael Fogg tells you where to get information on the benefits of service…
Thinking about joining the United States military? You’ll get to see the world and still be able to attend college. You can get free medical and dental care, housing on base, insurance, and a 30-day paid vacation each year. Go to and learn about all the career choices for both part time and full time. Recruiters are ready for you with answers to all your questions.


LifeStream will conduct a community blood drive on Tuesday, March 31, at Wal-Mart in Yucca Valley from 2 to 6. Donors will receive incentives. In addition, LifeStream now offers free cholesterol screening with every blood donation. Those aged 18 to 44 years may register for Be The Match bone marrow screening free of charge. To make an appointment to donate blood, call 800-TRY-GIVING.


An upcoming golf tournament will raise funds for a special Yucca Valley high school program. Reporter Cassie Zimarik tells you how to tee-off at the event…
On Friday, May 1, beginning at 8:00 a.m., the Yucca Valley High School Career Pathways Foundation will host their annual golf tournament to raise money for local scholarships. Golf teams or individual golfers can compete for prizes in first, second, and third place; there will also be prizes for a hole-in-one, longest drive, and so much more. Registration fee for a team of four golfers is $320 and for an individual golfer is $80. No need to worry, the fees include green fees, a golf cart, an awards presentation, a continental breakfast, and a BBQ-style lunch. It all happens at Hawks Landing Golf Club at Blue Skies in Yucca Valley. If golfing is not your forte but you still want to support local high school students, you can sponsor the event as well. For more information, you can call 760-447-4015.


The Yucca Valley High School Trojan baseball teams hosted the powerhouse Cajon Cowboys of San Bernardino Thursday afternoon. Coach Brian Schoenborn said senior Isaiah Kinder started and pitched six innings, striking out five Cowboys in the process. The final score saw a loss for the Trojans 10-0. The junior varsity also lost 10-0.

In high school sports tomorrow, the Yucca Valley High School Trojan baseball team will host Sultana High School at home. First pitch is at 3:15.

The Twentynine Palms High School Wildcat golf team will travel away to Big Bear tomorrow. Tee off is at 2:45 p.m.

And finally tomorrow, the Joshua Springs Lightning baseball and softball teams will travel away to Bloomington Christian School. Both games start at 3:15.


Whether defacers of nature fancy themselves artists, or are celebrating an infatuation, they’re still jerks.  Ranger Pam Tripp tells what you can do to fight graffiti…

The beauty of Joshua Tree National Park speaks for itself in the vast open views, the wondrous rock piles, the unique Joshua Trees, and the photographers and painters inspired by these landscapes.  These features are a form of art on their own and draw approximately 1.6 million visitors each year to this natural scenic area.  Unfortunately, there has been an increase in graffiti to our natural and cultural sites.  Graffiti, when taken into nature and applied without approval on natural and cultural objects ceases to be art.  It is vandalism and is against the law.  Help us protect the parks natural and historic treasures by reporting any sightings of graffiti in the park.   If you see vandalism, take photos, note time and location; and if available a description of the persons involved and their vehicle information.  Please report vandalism to park staff or by calling dispatch at 909-383-5668.  We appreciate your help in stopping the vandalism of our natural and cultural beauty, here at Joshua Tree National Park.

For Z107.7, this is Park Ranger Pam Tripp, inviting you to help us protect your national park.


Evangelical Free Church will hold a sunrise service Easter morning, April 5, starting at 6 a.m. The service will be held in the amphitheater, behind the church, 6804 Mohawk Trail in Yucca Valley. After the service, children are invited to go next door to Desert Christ Park and search for Easter eggs hidden amongst the park’s statues. The Easter egg hunt starts at 8 a.m. Desert Christ Park has been gracing the hillside of Yucca Valley for 64 years. For more information about the egg hunt, call 760-365-3984 or 760-369-4505.


Monument High School graduate Heather Krough servers on board the USS New Orleans.

Monument High School graduate Heather Krough servers on board the USS New Orleans.

A local high school graduate has a post aboard an advanced naval vessel.  Managing Editor Tami Roleff tells where Heather Krough is serving…

A Twentynine Palms native is serving aboard one of the Navy’s newest and most advanced amphibious ships. Heather Krough, a 2001 graduate of Monument High School, is a Petty Officer 1st Class aboard the San Diego-based USS New Orleans. The ship is a San Antonio class amphibious transport dock ship that is 684 feet long, 105 feet wide, weighs more than 24,000 tons, and can travel at 24 knots. Krough, 32, is a member of the ship’s 427-member crew, which transports about a battalion of about 700 Marines and their helicopters, MV-22 Ospreys, and air-cushioned landing craft. This means that amphibious assaults can begin well over the horizon, as much as 600 miles away from the enemy’s coastline.

Reporting for Z107.7, this is managing editor Tami Roleff.


The Yucca Valley High School Trojan baseball teams lost to the powerhouse Cajon Cowboys of San Bernardino at home Thursday afternoon. Senior Isaiah Kinder started and pitched six innings in workman-like fashion, striking out five Cowboys in the process. The Trojan offense was shut down most of the day and supplied no run support for his pitching effort. Most of the runs against the Trojans were the result of untimely errors and only four runs and seven hits were charged to Kinder. The final score was 10-0.

The Trojan junior varsity also lost 10-0. The junior varsity team plays home games at the Brehm Sports complex on Little League Drive.


The City of Twentynine Palms has a wealth of recreation programs.  ROP broadcasting student William Lopez says that the successful teen basketball program is accepting registrations…

The city of Twentynine Palms Park and Recreation is having a 2015 spring teen basketball league. Twentynine Palms Park and recreation are accepting registrations for spring basketball all through April 7th. Signups for the pro division through 10th, 11th, and 12th grade will be held at the Twentynine Palms High School at 2:30pm. Signups for college division through 7th, 8th, and 9th grade will be held at the Twentynine Palms Junior High School at 6:00pm. For the students who play it will be $20.00 for each player.   Reporting for Z107.7 I am ROP Broadcasting student William Lopez.


Coming up in high school sports tomorrow, the Yucca Valley High School Trojan tennis team will travel away to Desert Hot Springs to play the Golden Eagles. First serve is at 3:15.

Also tomorrow, the Twentynine Palms High School Wildcat tennis team will host Shadow Hills High School at home. The match begins at 3:15.


A fundraiser is set for today, Saturday, March 28, to help the family of a 12-year-old Yucca Mesa girl who has had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments on a cancerous 15-pound tumor on her neck. Friends of the Snipes family are hoping to raise $7,000 at the event to pay the family’s rent for the rest of the year, so that Abigail’s parents can concentrate on Abigail and their other two daughters without worrying about expenses. Abigail’s Day will be a fun-filled day of barbecue, raffles, games, vendors, and a bake sale. Z107.7 will be broadcasting live from the fundraiser at the Yucca Mesa Community Center from noon to 5 p.m. The Yucca Mesa Community Center is at 3133 Balsa Avenue. If you would like to help by donating food, bake sale or raffle items, or would like a booth for the event, see the contacts in this story at

Want a booth? Call Becky Pahssen 760-220-4934

Want to help with food donations for the BBQ? Call Jennifer Russell 760-333-5777

Want to help with bake sale or items to be raffled? Call Martie Olson 760-821-5171


There is an influx of off-road motorcycle racers and their families and fans into the Twentynine Palms area this week. The 41st annual Hilltopper Motorcycle Club Grand Prix will be held this Saturday and Sunday. Reporter Diana Medley has details and ticket information…

The American Motorcycle Association and Hilltoppers Motorcycle Club are hosting the 41st Annual Grand Prix this weekend. Races are held on an 8-mile course three miles east of downtown Twentynine Palms, on 29 Palms highway at Mojave Road. The event includes peewee, quad, sidecar, vintage, classic, unclassified, and pro team races. Races start at 7:30 a.m. both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s last race is 4:30 p.m. and the last race Sunday starts at 2 p.m. Vendors will be open both days. Gate fee is $10 a day, per person, or $15 for the weekend. Seniors, military, and kids 6 to 12 years old pay $5. Overnight camping is allowed, and there will be registration booths open for anyone who wants to take part in the Grand Prix.


The Sheriff’s Department reminds everyone that OHV riders should ride in designated riding areas and trails only; and respect private lands. The Sheriff’s Department OHV Team and County Code Enforcement will be enforcing OHV violations during the Hilltoppers’ Grand Prix event. Please report OHV violations by calling the Sheriff’s Department at 760-956-5001. The Sheriff’s Department would like everyone to enjoy their OHV riding experience, but carelessness can create tragedy. Always wear your helmet and if you drink, don’t ride.

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