Yearbooks are a great way to remember classmates, sports, clubs, and special events during the school year. Here with a behind-the-scenes look at how yearbooks are made is ROP broadcasting student Cassie Zimarik…

The Twentynine Palms High School award winning yearbook has made great strides in capturing priceless memories of high school life and giving the students the best book they can make. In my interview with the yearbook supervisor, Mr.Fontana, I asked him if it was hard for the group to come up with new and creative ideas every year to which he said, “Yes and no. We go to camp every summer and we always get a bunch of ideas and share a bunch of ideas. For example, this past summer we had an idea for the cover, totally scrapped it when we got to camp because we saw a bunch of other things that we wanted to do. Our company, Walsworth, is really good with giving us links, giving us packages, giving us idea starters for what we could do.” I was even able to get the “inside scoop” on new improvements they plan on making. “We have some 3D applications. The cover itself actually is going to be animated. You can scan it with a 3D app that you can download from Walsworth, and it’s going to come to life. We’re going to put more ideas, more links to our ?? inside the book. We have a new kind of color flare, we have overall just a different look. We’re going from a traditional look this year to a brand new post-modern this year. So it’s going to look totally different.”


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