As the Hi-Desert Water District plans for a state mandated sewer system, residents have been wondering what their cost would be. Managing editor Tami Roleff says the District has released those estimates…
The design for Yucca Valley’s sewer system is 90 percent complete, and the Hi-Desert Water District has updated its infrastructure cost for Phase 1 of the project. The cost for a property owner of a single-family residence is estimated to cost $18,280. The assessment will be attached to the home owner’s property tax bill, and based on the interest rate the water district receives for the construction loan from the state, will range from about $51 to $62 monthly. The assessments for property owners for multi-family homes, mobile homes, and undeveloped land, are estimated to be about $14,000, $10,500, and $14,300, respectively. Property owners in Phase 2 and 3 will also see a portion of the sewer system costs on their property tax bill. They will be charged a portion of the costs to build the water treatment facility—about $4500. When Phase 2 and 3 are built, their assessments will then more closely match those property owners in Phase 1. The costs do not include a monthly sewer charge on the resident’s bill, or the cost to hook up the home to the main sewer line.

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