Here are the final, unofficial results from yesterday’s primary election. Four years ago, voters approved the “top two” system, in which the top two candidates for statewide and congressional offices—regardless of political party—advance to the general election in November. Yucca Valley resident Paul Cook has a commanding lead for the 8th Congressional District. Cook has 57.89 percent of the vote; his next competitor, Bob Conaway, has 19.2. The race is somewhat closer for state assemblyman for District 42; the two qualifying for the November election are Twentynine Palms resident Karalee Hargrove with 38.49 percent of the vote and Yucca Valley resident Chad Mayes with 33.7 percent. State Senator Jean Fuller is running unopposed.
Leaders for other races are: Gov. Jerry Brown for governor with 54 percent, who will face of with Neel Kashkari with 19 percent. San Bernardino County Assemblyman Tim Donnelly lost out with 14.8 percent. For lieutenant governor, Democrat Gavin Newsom will face Republican Ron Nehring; for secretary of state, Republican Pete Peterson will face Democrat Alex Padilla. The race for controller is still too close to call, with less than 3 points difference between Republican Ashley Swearengin, Republican David Evans, and Democrats John Perez and Betty Yee. For treasurer, Democrat John Chiang will face Republican Greg Conlon; for attorney general, Democrat Kamala Harris faces Republican Ronald Gold. Insurance commissioner is Dave Jones and superintendent of public instruction Tom Torlakson.
For San Bernardino County offices, County Sheriff is John McMahon who won with 62.60 percent; District Attorney, Michael Ramos; assessor/recorder, Bob Dutton squeaked by Dan Harp, 50.1 to 49.8 percent; and auditor/controller Larry Walker. In the race for county superintendent of schools, Ted Alejandre won with 55 percent; former Copper Mountain College trustee Rita Ramirez trailed with 29.71 percent.
Nearly 65 percent of the voters approved Prop 41, which authorizes $600 million in bonds for affordable housing to relieve homelessness; and 61.5 percent have approved Prop 42, which requires local governments to provide public access to meetings and records. Voter turn-out in San Bernardino County was 14.76 percent. The next election update will be 4 p.m. tomorrow (Thursday).


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